Refurbished Roots

Our third concept is the idea that this land was originally used for a Fair ground. We think that taking this and refurbishing the past traditions is something that can be extremely beneficial to Columbia. By doing this, there is a sense of historical value to the land as well as encouraging a social area for anyone coming to this space. The purpose of the area is to overwhelm customers with a feeling that there is something worth coming to and celebrating. Gathering local food products together in a shared area strengthens the renewal of historical Columbia. People are encouraged to shop around the market and continue with live entertainment, as well as spend time at the urban farm gardens before making their way back to the parking lot. Creating a circle inspires each person while enjoying the natural interaction between farmers and consumers for the duration of their experience.

The attached image is what we used to showcase our third concept. We gathered a large amount of positive feedback with this design because of the concept and the layout. With this concept, there was a little concern on if the fair aspect is too literal. Aside from the liFullSizeRender-4teral aspect, bringing back a high level of social interaction to this land was well liked by most. Setting up the space in a ferris wheel design encourages consumers to travel throughout the entire circle while stopping and enjoying each focal point. We also noticed that the strong use of this concept throughout each part may be too overwhelming. There is some concern with drawing too much attention with the ARC.

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