The Show-Me Settlement

For our second concept, we found an influence in how metropolitan spaces work. These spaces feed off of each other and are self-sustainable in how everyone interacts with one another to be successful. We wanted this type of connection to be the main purpose for the Columbia’s Farmer’s Market. The Columbia’s Farmer’s Market is a place to show off all that the farmers of mid Missouri have to offer. While each person represents an urban space designed to showcase how vital local food is. An urban farm  teaches willing visitors through small garden spaces and an outdoor classroom. There is live entertainment and plenty of seating areas to enjoy the atmosphere in Columbia’s very own metropolitan space. The center of this city is the farmer’s market where consumers are able to interact with each vendor and create strong social relationships.

The attached image is what we used to display our second concept for the Columbia’s Farmer’s MFullSizeRender-3arket. Some of the feedback that we received with this concept is that it may not be realistic. This is an idea that doesn’t fit well with a farmer’s market, but it is possible to tie in with the Arc. The uniqueness of this concept was appreciated and the mix of both the traditions of a typical farmers market and the modern feel of a metropolitan area.

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