“Building” The Cornucopia

Since the last check in, A LOT has happened. We are so close to the deadline we can taste the fresh fruit and vegetables! Our design is coming along smoothly and we are so excited to share it with everyone next Thursday.

To update you all on our improvement, I uploaded a few of our CAD designs. This is a simple outline of our MPS but we still have some revisions to finish before the final presentation. Currently our team is working hard to complete all CAD and 3D Renderings of the MPS and Market Structure. Also we have finalized our site plan. Our biggest improvement is the model and show boards. We plan to have a couple boards plotted up so the visuals are more appealing and easier on the eyes. We want to be able to explain every detail so no one is lost in translation. Our model is coming along. We have the topography done and are headed to make the buildings. The MPS structure floorplan is finalized and we are now adding detail to make it seem more real and visually appealing.

Can’t wait to present!


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