Reflecting on Community Meeting

HOORRAYYY! Can’t believe we made the deadline for the community meeting and for Team Cornucopia, we thought that it went really well! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. 

        Reflecting on the meeting, Team Cornucopia got some awesome and well-needed feedback about our design. A lot of people really enjoyed out market shape with keeping the public on the inside and the vehicle traffic on the outside. Having a green space for seating and hanging out was well liked including the cheaper building structure that allows us to use money for further improvements around the site. Also our MPS was enjoyed by all because creating a space that flowed well with the other buildings was a big want. The table and floor plan layout gave the public a good idea of how an MPS space can function well. CCUA agreed that 5-6 acres was more than enough room for them to create an urban farm of their dreams.

Continuing into Phase 3 of the Farmer’s Market design:

  • Thinking more about sustainable design and technology
  • Sun and wind patterns on the site
  • Orientation of MPS building
  • Creating a noticeable entrance to the market
  • Way-finding
  • Green design including edible gardens and rain water storage

TILL NEXT TIME! XOXO- Team Cornucopia

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