Refurbishers Meeting Update

image1Presenting our ideas to the community was an experience that was very beneficial in how our group is moving forward in the development of our design. We were able to share the concepts and reasons for our design to anyone that was interested. Because each of our group members worked on a specific section of this design, we anticipated questions and knew how to answer them. This was helpful when multiple conversations occurred because each member had an expertise area, but also was familiar with our design inside and out. We think that by having both formal and informal conversations with the community, it provided us with plenty of feedback that we were able to problem solve immediately. We had to opportunity to hear from the community as a whole why something was working great and in that same time frame, had the opportunity to individually hear why something was not working as well. With this, we then could grasp a better understanding with that particular community member than if we were only able to gain feedback on post it notes. The feedback varied in ways in how we could change and improve our layout, as well as a guide to how we could further think about strengthening the design for our Columbia Farmers’ Market.

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