Cornucopia’s Final Recap..4/14-4/28

Hello again!

These past few weeks have been the most exciting yet most stressful. We are dwindling down to the final days of school which means only a few more days of creating a beautiful concept to pass off to you all.

As you know, we have recently attended the Columbia’s Farmers Market on 4/16 and 4/23. We got a lot of feedback from vendors and customers that were really needed to push us to our final presentations. If you remember, our concept was a Cornucopia.  We believe that exaggerating the idea of abundance and diversity in food and in the community would create a great concept for our future market. Our design involves an organic and circular shape that contains the public on the inside while the traffic lies outside. Our newest creation is the enclosed structure of the farmers market. We wanted to create something that really stood out so we made a very noticeable entrance with materials that exemplified our design.

Lately, our materials have been thought through and we decided to use a lot of the same materials on both the MPS and Market to create a cohesive site. We also chose materials that would compliment the Arc. Overall, we are extremely happy with how things are turning out.

Next Thursday is the final presentation and we are currently pulling all nighters attempting to put together the best designs that we can. We are super excited to show you all what we have for you.

Till next time..


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